Do you know that song? As soon as i saw this house, that song immediately came to mind:-). I’m doing the house tour a day early because i have a little something that i’m planning to do for Monday’s post. This house is called the “Glass Pavilion” and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. It’s the latest project by Los Angeles based architect, Steve Hermann. The Glass Pavilion features five bedrooms, a kitchen with a wine room and an art gallery that displays Steve’s vintage car collection.

glasshouse1 glasshouse2glasshouse3 glasshouse4glasshouse5glasshouse6
glasshouse7 glasshouse10
glasshouse8glasshouse9glasshouse11 I am in love with the facade of the house. It blends seamlessly into its environment. Also, who wouldn’t love the gorgeous, almost seductive landscape with its sinewy lines. It just beckons you in to come and enjoy all that it has to offer. I can imagine that it’s the quintessential entertaining hotspot too. Although the interior of the house is too pristine for my taste, i love the architectural details of each space and how almost every room has a view to the fantastic outdoors. Thanks to the wall of windows everywhere! Did you see that bathtub? One could soak for days in that thing! Who knows, maybe some good sun bathing could take place there too as it seems to have a northern exposure hence plenty of natural light and sun! Alright, enough of my input, what do You think?

P.S. Thanks for all the wishes of deep sleep for me(re the awards post below). I was able to play catch up while Z took his naps and so on, so i am wide awake and feel refreshed now:-).

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