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I barely made today’s post…Anyway, last week, I mentioned that I planned on placing black out drapes/lined drapes at my windows. However,  I saw this room(above) and now I am really liking the stream lined look of the barely there window coverings. The headboard wall is very similar to the one above(this room was trending on Houzz last week).   I think I would prefer to have  more control of how much light I want in the room, so

Photo Oct 09, 11 46 04 AM
maybe, window coverings like these? Decisions, decisions. I’ve at least made up my mind about the wallpaper.

Photo Sep 30, 11 37 36 AM
Yep, this room is back again this week. It is worthy of a double appearance or even triple. I love it that much! Anyway, I fell in love with this wallpaper and although I had decided against papering the headboard wall in our Master bedroom because of the existing windows, I changed my mind. After much studying of the room and it’s view from other spaces, I kept returning to that wall as the one to be featured. Plus, I think it will highlight our headboard beautifully. Justina Blakeney who designed this gorgeous space gave me the brand name(Schumacher) and source of the paper and my wall paper guy came by to measure the wall to determine how many rolls I would need to order. Hopefully, I will have this beauty on the wall for next week’s post.  Can’t wait! I’d love to hear your thoughts about my window treatment woes too.To take a look at week one’s post, click here. Let’s hop on over to the others to see what they’ve acomplished so far! xx


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