There is something innately sexy about the design of Danish furniture or accessory.  To me, a Danish piece equals classical, well made and as such will always be relevant.  Well, guess what!?

Thanks to the wonderful Monika and her shop, Splendid Willow Avenue, I now have not one, but two gorgeous Danish designed pieces! You’re looking at one of them here. This one is called Mouse Big Brother in a Matchbox. I bought this for Baby Ian’s nursery and we all know who that is supposed to be looking over his little brother. Yep, you guessed it; Zion of course!

The next gorgeous piece is this Blue Wooden Pram.  It’s truly adorable and very well made. They both are!
I love the retro vibe that they add to the nursery. I have been taking my time to put the nursery together and I love the direction it’s taking. I have another major nursery related reveal to make that was a result of a lovely collaboration with another close blogger friend and extraordinaire! It’s not quite ready to be revealed yet, but I am bursting at the seams with excitement!! I love blogland , the relationships formed, the exposure to different cultures and thanks to bloggers like Monika who have made it possible for  Danish Design to be  Within ReachSmile.

I am now eyeing Mouse Little Brother in a Matchbox and Mama and Papa Mouse in a Cigar Box to add to the collection. Have a great Tuesday everyone! XX

{images- dwr & here}


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