Ok, everyone, here is a little peek into the world’s smallest powder room! Mine, but I love it! I was trying to locate a before picture(prior to the wallpaper going up), but was unable to find one. Nonetheless, it was a boring beige space and was screaming out for something delightful… I purchased this Seabrook wallpaper from a local design store. Though I am not a floral person, the colours and the mod vibe that this wallpaper exude really appeal to me.  I pulled out my paint brushes and rollers over this Labor Day weekend and painted the ceiling and that little hallway that leads to the powder room. I matched the green in the wallpaper and I think it brightens up the hallway beautifully.  There is no natural light in that area of the house so a pop was needed. The paint colour is Benjamin Moore Jive Clive #7766.

a before pic of the hallway

The makeover is still in progress as I would love to accessorize the space starting by replacing this builder’s basic mirror. However, the space is so small that it has proven quite difficult to find a mirror small enough to fit this space. I wanted something with a little bit of a wow factor, but I am still uncertain about what finish the frame should be? All the pieces in the powder room have a nickel  finish, but the light fixture above does have some brown in it. So, would a mirror with a gold frame be too contrasting OR should I stay in the nickel family? What about a mirror with a white frame?

a close up of the light though the pic is leaning…

I never paid much attention to pocket doors until we built this house. I LOVE them! It’s the perfect solution for this teeny tiny spaceSmile

I am waiting on your feedback regarding the mirror before I make a purchase AND what do you all think of the wallpaper? Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to September and the cool breeze that it should bring . XX

P.S. Thank you all again for your anniversary wishes and yes, I purchased the Nikon camera. Yippee! I am still learning how to use it, so I didn't use it to take these pictures. However, it will make its debut very soon...


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