I had a small tree in Zion’s playroom but he kept moving it around, so I removed it and we made this one together. I had pom poms and glue dots laying around just waiting to be made into a tree. Thanks to my friend Will for posting these alternative trees which led to this idea.
I traced the shape of the tree using chalk first and then used glue dots to adhere the pom poms  on the lines of the shape. Zion’s role was to give me whatever colour pom pom I needed. It was a great diy to reinforce colours and he enjoyed it!

And in other parts of our home…

The Christmas decor was kept very simple, but sprinkled with a little bling and some colour here and there. The fireplace is see through and double sided and I decorated each side differently. One side is sleek and simple and the other side(shown above) while still simple is more colourful and earthy.

at night when the candles are lit; so beautiful…


This Ikea light is the least expensive one in our home, but it’s everyone’s favourite. It casts these snowflakes on the wall when it’s on, perfect Christmas décor…

DSC_0484I love handcrafted items and this beautiful reindeer was handcrafted in India. I  scored him at my local TJMaxx

a very simple tablescape with a small tree and candle holders

can you tell I have a thing for deer? this one is from Zgallerie and the handblown Italian ornament is the perfect addition to one of its antlers.

Last year, the hubby drew this scene the night before Christmas for Zion. I am no artist so I won’t even attempt to do this. We sure miss him and I felt I needed to post this again to have a bit of him in this post…*sniff, sniff* (Don't forget to keep our men and women who are away fighting for our country in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season).

I will be back to update this post with the winner of the giveaway(probably after Christmas). Until then, I want to wish each of you Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas and please be safe. Lots of love! XX


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