Blogging Tip. Blogging Tip.

Being yourself might not make you popular, but authenticity is more important in my book. It makes for more lasting and meaningful relations...

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5:51 AM

Masks. Masks.

I love masks and I have a small collection that I’ve been trying to figure out how to put in a collage. However, there  are some masks that ...

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6:53 AM

Saved by the Little Black Dress(LBD). Saved by the Little Black Dress(LBD).

On Friday, we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Yippee! We are beyond proud of this milestone! To celebrate, we were going to attend ...

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9:11 PM

All Black Everything! All Black Everything!

I’m guest posting today over at the very artistic Kerry Steele’s blog. Do check it out and say hello. Thank you for doing so! Now, let’s st...

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5:45 AM

Mod Colour! Mod Colour!

I love how Spanish people tend to embrace colour and pattern unabashedly! This home is in Barcelona and I love every quirky, eclectic, colou...

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10:19 PM

Thrifted. Thrifted.

I purchased the lamp above for $1.87 at a Goodwill store recently. It swings in different position and the vintage appeal just beckoned to m...

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10:42 PM

Fall in August: Layers and Dining Alfresco Fall in August: Layers and Dining Alfresco

Gisele in H&M Fall 2013 editorial Today’s weather totally caught me off guard with the cool temps. I had to go rummaging in my closet to...

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8:44 PM

A Charming Cottage in England. A Charming Cottage in England.

Located across the High Weald , this charming cottage nestled among beautiful gardens can be found on the side of a hill that is just on the...

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5:47 AM