Zion has an obsession with letters and numbers. Therefore, when I was asked to review these Uncle Goose Big and Tall blocks(soon to be on the market), I gave a resounding Yes because my immediate thought was “I’d love to see how Zion manipulates them.” There are 20 blocks in the set and 12 of them are double the height of a traditional block and the other 8 are of standard size.

The font isn’t traditional, but Zion was able to recognize all the letters and numbers with ease. The colours featured are orange, green and black. Of course, those colours would fit beautifully anywhere in our home, but it’s almost as if they were made just for our playroom. The colours are exact! They would add a lovely pop of colour in a home with a neutral palette.
Zion did a lot of stacking, sorting, and counting of the blocks.  Oh, did I mention that the blocks are light weight? That’s really a big deal because the other block toys that I have are so heavy that if one falls on your foot, one usually wants to yell an expletive or two. They hurt!  These Uncle Goose blocks thank goodness will not give rise to a potty mouth or a screaming toddler/baby if one accidentally falls on someone’s foot.

Other shining qualities in these blocks are that they are handcrafted from sustainable basswood sourced from the U.S. and the blocks are embossed with nontoxic inks.  So when Baby Ian takes a bite out of one of them(which is inevitable), I don’t have to worry about him consuming any harmful toxins. Also, I’m just thrilled that there aren’t any off gassing of harmful toxins in the air from these lovely blocks.

As an adult, besides being smitten with these Uncle Goose blocks because of their educational benefits and environmentally friendly appeal, I also really love their decorative appeal. I placed them on one of our bookshelves and they added such a great graphic punch to the bookcase. However, Zion immediately told me in no uncertain terms that they were his and he wanted to play with them some moreSmile. Anyway, the point is they would look really cool in an office or as a decorative item in your home. I think since there are such big pieces, I could take some of the blocks and place on a bookshelf and maybe Zion won’t notice they’re missing… Honestly I wasn't able to find any cons with these blocks. 
I absolutely love them and most importantly Zion hasn’t gotten bored with them yet and that is a very good thing! Many thanks to the folks at Uncle Goose Toys for giving me the opportunity to review such an awesome product. The kiddos definitely took over the blog this week, didn’t they? Happy weekend everyone! XX


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