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When Dada is gone as often as he is, I felt the need to make sure that he didn’t become an abstract concept. Well, I just didn’t want him to fade in Zion’s mind. Communication via phone with Dada is not always reliable much less getting to see him via mediums like Skype or Face time.

home interior design ideas
This world map enables Dada to be there for bed time routines, for morning time routines, or just to whenever we want to go and randomly “visit” Dada.

home interior designers
Zion definitely enjoys it and loves talking about the different places. He read the words Pacific Ocean the first day the mural was installed and told me that those words meant the beach! He said. “that’s the beach mama!” 

home interior designs
This is how Zion prefers to have his bed(up against the wall) and with the canopy. This is how it is daily. I guess he feels safest with it in this position. However, I moved the bed around in the above pictures so you could see the most of the mural.

ps. Thanks to Lea for photographing images 1-3. She is the best!


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