There were no witches and skeletons at this party! Truth be known, I am from a very superstitious culture, and so in an effort not to anger my forefathers, I only snuck in a few witches' hats in the decor. We had so a wickedly sweet time nonetheless. Are you ready for diy overload. I might have gone a bit overboard...

Getting Creative with Your Pumpkins
I am not much of a carver, so I tend to get creative with my pumpkins in other ways:
Put some spray paint on it. Spray paint was applied to a number of pumpkins. For this party, some of the pumpkins were painted in gold and black.

Polka dot it. Polka dot decals were applied to one of the bigger pumpkins to create wow and also to pick up on the polka dot motif of the banner.

Pom pom it. I love using pom poms! They add such fun and colorful whimsy to everything. Tiny pom poms were adhered to one of the pumpkins using a glue gun. Pumpkin was spray painted a brighter white first so the colorful pom poms would pop.

Put some chalkboard paint on it. I spray painted a few pumpkins with chalkboard paint which provided a lovely surface to draw those spooky characters.

Dip dye it. I had neon food coloring left over from Easter, so I used the pink color to create a dip dye effect on a couple of the white pumpkins. Pumpkins were spray painted a brighter white first, left to dry then dipped in neon pink food coloring. The stems were spray painted gold to tie in with the other golden pumpkins.

Dress it Up. A pair of craft glasses and a carrot attached as a nose is a fun way to get your pumpkin all dressed up for the party!

The hubby was nice enough to draw a fun Halloween inspired mural on our chalkboard wall; the perfect back drop for the party.


these clementines turned pumpkins were a hit

 The Candy Bar
Little fingers were just itching to get into those jars of delectable goodness! Oreos, cheese balls, jelly creme pumpkins, candy corn were some of the treats that filled the apothecary jars. Chalkboard tags were used to label the jars.

Bewitching Plates
I love using plates on walls as a focal point. I already had the black plates and used candy corn to spell the words Spooky Treats. Pieces of candy corn were adhered to a plate using a glue gun to form each letter. This is such an inexpensive way to add a focal point above your candy bar/table.

 A Monster Surprise
Little googly eyed monster toys were placed in a brain like container and served as party favors. They also lit up when shook; a fun feature the children would be sure to love.

 pom pom and food color dip dyed pumpkins that were mentioned above

my superheroes


so sweet...

Spider Man was all smiles after having some yummy treats.


017_blake.halloween (1)

Our pirate fairy was so beautiful and the most charming pirate I've ever met!

All images captured by the talented Lea Hartman of Lea Hartman Photography.  We had such a fun time! Happy Sunday everyone. xx

Miniature spiders on Candy table: Our local Halloween Alley 
Brain container: Our local Halloween Alley 
Captain America costume: Our local Halloween Alley
Batman costume: Our local Halloween Alley
Cat lady costume: Our local Halloween Alley
Tinkerbell costume: Provided by our beautiful pirate
Spooky drink cups and straws: Dollar bin at Target
Punch bowl: Crate and Barrel
Apothecary Jars: TJMaxx
Treat bags(not pictured): Halloween Alley


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