If you've been a long time reader of this blog, then you know about my love affair with Feng Shui.  Back in 2013, I wrote a couple of Feng Shui laden posts(sort of a series) and this post could be considered as an installment to that series. In Feng Shui, how we treat our front entrances can either stunt or enable the flow of positive energy, health, prosperity, abundance, and tranquility in our homes and lives. The book Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett offers enlightening information on how to "Feng Shui Your Front Entrance." It was my source for the 2013 series and will be for today's post.

       The first step is to create a clear, open, and beautiful entrance for energy to move through and to circulate in your home. Feng Shui promotes the belief that your golden opportunities come in through the front door. The entrance above is a lovely example. The architectural hard edges are softened with the ivy growing upwards. The flowers also provide a welcoming show of color. Abundant foliage in the front yard is a natural solution for diffusing negative energy coming towards the door. In all other instances, keep trees and shrubs well trimmed so they do not block positive energy entering the home.

If you have the space for it, Feng Shui expert Jayme Barrett advises that placing chairs on your front porch both symbolically and practically invites your guests to feel at home. 

Placing a wind chime outside your door promotes good luck and good fortune while redirecting negative energy.

Trees add stability, healing, and vibrant energy to the home. Keep plants and shrubs well manicured. Your entrance should offer a welcome embrace to you and beckon on in positive energy filled with unlimited opportunities.

     What kind of first impression does your front entrance give? xx

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