Baby Z’s(guess I have to stop referring to him as Baby Z since he’s now 2) birthday party for his 2nd birthday was simple. My goal was to use what I already had so I referred to the party as “Springing into two,” since I already had many colourful items.  I had a ton of lanterns and I focused mainly on the colours, green and yellow. I wasn’t very consistent with that either, but Spring is about all colours, right? Funny story: the lanterns on the mantle on the fireplace above were originally hanging next to that yellow one below, but they all fell down just before people started arriving, so I placed them on the mantle. I think they looked just fine there and no one was the wiser.

these glasses were a hit with the kids, although Zion preferred to chew on/dismantle his…
I always love big balloons so I ordered the 36 inch green ones seen in the pics online.

another hit with the kids was this bounce house that we rented. I even had a turn-so fun!

Baby Z was actually very sick on his birthday and is only just recovering. He had a high fever coupled with the cold, no appetite(for days) and an ear infection. Therefore, he was not having a fun timeSad smile. He actually went to sleep shortly after we sung him happy birthday. I didn’t have a smash cake for him this year, so I gave him a cupcake with the # 2 on it and that tool in his hand was his cupcake cutter. I’m not sure if he minded the downgrade…

In case you’re wondering, the colour on the walls in the pics is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. The flower light fixture in the great room is from Ikea. I fell in love with it and had to get it. The other above the table in the kitchen is the FL/Y suspension pendant light that I purchased from DWR.  Have a lovely Tuesday my friends.  XX


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