Baby bump up close. I was just chilling in the back yard guys so the pictures are not glamour shots:-)

First, congrats to Kait for winning the giveaway! You're so lucky:-). I'll be in touch shortly!

          I have been so happy and wanted to share with you for a while, but I wanted to wait( a bit superstitious) until after the first trimester to tell. I seemed to have started to show almost immediately too.   Also, I’ve been back at work for over a month. Literally, I found out that we were expecting a few days before moving into our new home and a couple days later, I received a call about a teacher position. It has been a whirlwind since then. Baby Z has been in preschool and i have been a wreck about that too (it’s a daily struggle, but i/we are adapting better). My plan was always to return to work when he turned 2. However, I didn’t foresee that I would also be expecting and trying to settle into a new home at the same time. My cup overfloweth with blessings! I am indeed grateful. The blog has suffered a bit; lack of posts,  a couple blog friends have disappeared… What can I say? I’m having a baby! Yay!  Seriously, it has been very difficult to keep up with the demands of blogging because when I get home from work, it’s Baby Z time and I am usually so exhausted. I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a comment a couple times too… 
      I am indeed grateful for all of you who I refer to as “ my die hard” supporters. You also have my loyal support of your blog(even if I don’t reciprocate on the comments immediately). I do cherish our virtual friendship very very much! I promise to try not to inundate you all with all things baby from now on! Have a blessed and happy Monday my friends. XX


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