Julianne Moore’s apartment in the West Village area oozes style and an almost meticulous attention to details. I especially love the unique pieces in each space. I love to peek into other people’s spaces and when they’re celebrities, I’m even more curious to see how they live.  Julianne is an accomplished and talented actress and her talent also seems to extend to designing spaces. Her apartment is tre's stylish! Well, maybe MADE LLC, the studio/firm that designed her apartment should receive some credit tooSmile. Check out the rest of the space…

I would love one of those floating bookshelves/storage contraptions on a wall in my home. I love how it’s visually appealing while not taking up much space.

Look at that bath…

Awww, different textures and materials living harmoniously in this wonderful kitchen. Love it!

I love that although the apartment is stylish, it doesn’t scream “over the top”. In addition each space has an abundance of natural light which I think is a must have in any space. The wood floor throughout is very lovely too. Well, it’s Thursday everyone, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the weekend draw closer. Have a lovely day my friends! XX


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