HGTV had lost their appeal to me because of their  continuous repetitions of episodes and just the lack of shows that oozed innovative ideas and creative wiles. However, that is no more!  I’m loving the new episodes of House Hunters International, the new series, “Room Crashers” with one of the finalists from a prior HGTV Design Stars, the new series, “ HGTV’d” which is a winner; the designs featured are out of the box and over the top.

The outdoor spaces above were designed by the talented and oh so sweet sounding Jamie Durie. Don’t you just love him? The slur of his Aussie accent is so beautiful too!

Now, besides the new HGTV Design Star series that premieres tomorrow, another great buzz that has HGTV’s appeal better than ever are these folks;

Cortney and Robert Novogratz(pictured above) will be debuting a new design show on HGTV called "Home by Novogratz”. The first episode airs July 16th and I can’t wait! I will most certainly be watching every single episode!

gorgeous space -rooms designed by the Novogratz

Will you be tuning in to HGTV too? XX


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