Zion seen here at age one didn’t have a chance to escape the beauty of gardening. He observed his gardening fanatic Mom in action and wanted to do exactly what she was doing. Although, the watering can was bigger than he was, he would still attempt to water the vegetable/flower garden. He had inherited his Mother’s love of gardening…

Photo Jun 25, 11 16 29 AM
Lil Ian pictured here at about 1 year old also has a love of watering the flowers…
Photo Jun 24, 6 45 00 PM
Although we have a vegetable garden, I decided to make them their own vegetable garden; one they could readily water and would be easy for them to maintain, you know, since they are already such gardening fanatics! One day, I was in the shed and saw this crate and I thought voila! It had the perfect depth and it wasn’t too big.
Photo Jun 24, 6 47 24 PM
After removing the top
Photo Jun 24, 6 55 38 PM
I used left over paint from the guest bedroom makeover to paint the crate and sealed it with a mod podge sealant.
Photo Jun 25, 11 46 42 AM
And there is the after!
Photo Jun 24, 7 04 04 PM (1)
Photo Jun 24, 7 05 29 PM
I planted basil, chives, bell peppers, and tomatoes. There isn’t much but this is just enough for them to be able to maintain. I can’t wait to see their excitement when the tomatoes start to bloom! What’s going on in your garden? xx


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