Two months to go! Can you believe it?

Hi everyone! I returned to work two weeks ago and the first couple weeks are always super crazy; meeting parents, setting up the classroom, etc. etc. Thus, blogging had to take a back seat. However, hopefully things will be back to some semblance of normalcy soon. Ok, y’all, guess what you’re looking at!? Yep, a pic of the little bundle of joy soon to be in my armsSmile. I did a 4D ultrasound when my Mom was here so that she could “bond” with him and he was “busting a move” for her the entire time. He had his feet over his face almost the entire time- amazing how flexible they are. However, we were able to get some wonderful shots of his face and he was sticking out his tongue, yawning, opening his eyes, and just was so animated. I kept shouting at the technician/nurse, “did you see that!?” She probably thought I was crazySmile.

A warm welcome to my new readers and to my long time readers, thank you for all your support. I will be catching up with you all soon. XX


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