One day in early December, I went to the paint store to purchase some paint. While leaving the paint store, I spotted a warehouse type building across the street that had a sign advertising used furniture and that it was opened to the public. Somehow, I found myself steering my vehicle in that direction.  When I got there, I wasn’t even parked in the correct parking lot and convinced the guy who I guess was “manning” that area (which is where pick ups are done) to let me stay where I was and that I would be in and out in no time. Looking back, I realize that the “powers that be” were working and that I was about to fulfill my destiny.
I went into the warehouse and zoomed in straight to this rocker/swivel chair and ottoman. I had to literally climb over things to get to them. I saw $40 (for both pieces) and although I hadn’t tested the durability of the frame decided that it was too great a deal to pass up. A gentleman who worked there pried both pieces from the corner that they were hiding in(just waiting on me), and I daintily sat on the edge of the chair and performed a rocking motion which was my feeble attempt at testing the durability of the chair. You see, I was wearing short capris and didn’t want my skin touching the fabric . I’m sure you would do the same thing so stop laughing! Since then, I’ve placed a small sheet in my vehicle for moments like these….

Some Background Info 

throw back picture to when Zion was a baby in his nursery

Ok, I did not have a rocker in Zion’s nursery. At our previous home, our home office was transformed into Zion’s nursery and the sleeper couch that was in the office remained in the nursery.  We didn’t have the space to place it else where in our house anyway. So, on that couch was where I nursed Zion, bonded with him, slept, etc.  After a while, I didn’t miss not having a rocker.
However, when I became pregnant with Baby Ian, I found myself obsessed with getting a rocker. I somehow convinced myself that it is one of those quintessential items that must be in a nursery. Thus, my quest to get one of these at the price of almost $1000.  If I wanted the ottoman I would have to pay another $300 or so dollars. Now, do you understand why I said it was destined for me to find that chair and ottoman above. What? You think I’m being melodramatic. Come on $40 versus over $1000! Maybe you’ll be convinced if you see what the pieces  look like now…


Reupholstered in special order orange fabric, the chair and ottoman fit perfectly into Baby Ian’s nursery.  I have been happily rocking, swiveling, and nursing sinceSmile.  Do tell, what do you think?  Also, stay tuned for another major nursery reveal next week regarding a collaboration with a very creative blogger friend!   XX


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