I barely found time to brush my hair this week.  Have you ever had a two year old and an almost 4 month old crying at the top of their lungs at the same time? #drivemommynuts! Anyway, despite my almost insane state of mind, it has been a wonderful week. This picture shows Baby Ian chilling in the sun room. That blanket is one of my faves. It’s an Espirit that I purchased at TJMaxx over 6 years ago. It still looks fantastic after multiple washes.

Can you believe he’ll be 4 months tomorrow?

Nom, nom, nom those thighs!

Zion’s play…

I’ve been trying to introduce the bottle to Baby Ian and he. is. not. cooperating. He will only take the boob. I go back to work in a couple weeks and I am trying not to panic. So far,  I have tried Dr. Brown wide neck and Playtex. Yesterday, I purchased the Avent and the Tommee Tippee, so we’ll see… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! XX


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