Rhett and I spend A LOT of quality time together.

We only have one car, and Jake obviously takes it to work, so I'm always looking for a new way to entertain Rhett at home.

He's a bundle of boy. All boy. 

(Translation: he's got a lot of energy.)

So I thought of a easy (and cheap!) game to teach him his colors.

 I went to Home Depot and grabbed some Martha Stewart paint swatches, 2 of each color.

Then I went to Michael's and grabbed 2 sheets of flexible cork board.   

I found it in the scrapbook aisle, originally $2.00 a sheet, but it was on sale for $.59. 

It's made of a cork material, but is extremely flexible and won't tear. 

One side of the cork comes with an adhesive glue.

Peel off the paper backing and lay the color swatches next to each other with the card's edges touching.

(Lining the swatches edge to edge makes it easier to cut through the adhesive on the cork.)

And that's it! 

Like I said, an easy-peasy (and almost free!) game for your kiddos! 

Rhett and I work on matching the colors, but the cards could be adapted for an older child simply by playing Memory etc. 

Happy kid equals a happy momma right? :) 


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