This dresser was the perfect Craigslist score.

Priced just right.

The family lived just down the street, so I didn't get lost on the way there. 

And it had amazing potential. 

The stain on the dresser was overall in pretty good condition, but it had to potential to GLOW.

The main problems were water marks, a few scratches, and the along the drawers some spots were worn completely through.

Since most of the dresser was in decent shape I turned to one of my favorite products.

I LOVE this stuff.

Danish Oil is tung or linseed oil mixed with stain so it penetrates, stains, and seals all at the same time. 

The main reason I love Danish Oil is because if it gets on the wood that isn't in need of refinishing, it simply conditions it, and doesn't mess with the existing stain. 

It just refreshes it. 

Here are some before pictures of areas that were scratched and rubbed raw.

And here's the after.

Don't the sutbby little mid-century legs add just the right amount of quirkiness? 

The side panels where in almost perfect condition when I picked the dresser up; and when I saw them I knew I couldn't paint over the beauty that was there. 

To me it kind of looks like amber. :)

For more info look in The Shop at the top of the page. 


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