2012-12-03 22.01.36
Apparently it’s Art Sunday today here. Well with that said, feast your eyes on this beautiful apartment in the Upper West side that’s drenched in eye catching art. The architectural details are to die for too… Did I mention the views AND check out the ceiling!…

2012-12-03 22.01.13
2012-12-03 22.16.11
2012-12-03 22.17.34
2013-02-17 11.19.10

This one of a kind gem is for sale. For more details, go here. I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely leisurely Sunday afternoon. Here, the fire is lit as it’s in the 30’s right now. Also, finally, the forecasters were right about snow; we finally got a dash of it yesterday. It’s almost all gone now though, but at least it snowed. Finally.  Blessings and happy Sunday my friends. XX


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