First thank you all so much for your feedback on my accent wall dilemna.  I was able to make a decision, but we will talk about that next week when I can include some pictures of the pieces. I am so excited! Ok, moving on to Baby Ian’s nursery.   Being a Mommy second time around(especially one of boys), I’ve realized that stressing out about the design of the nursery is a waste of time! It is barely used in the beginning anyway; sleeping in the bassinet or co-sleeping is the norm in our neck of the woods for at least the first 6 months or so. I also learned that I could never have one of those nurseries with gorgeous framed pictures/paintings or anything for that matter above the crib. Not with my boys; they would rip down whatever was above that crib in a heartbeat. My mind was set on wallpapering the wall behind the crib, and I fell in love

with this one from Dwellstudio. However, after measuring my wall and realizing it would cost me over $400 to wallpaper that wall, I had to rethink if I wanted to invest that much money in a design that would be temporary. Baby Ian may move to another room when he gets older and this room would be used as an additional guest room. I just didn’t want to be stuck with wallpaper that would restrict my design in the future.

I’ve always been a fan of polka dots which is why I found that Dwellstudio wallpaper so appealing. When I saw that Urbanwalls was selling these black and white polka dots on etsy, I bought them immediately. The cost was $22 for a pack of 80. I had nothing to lose. The hubby measured the wall and marked where each dot would go. All I had to do was put each dot in the correct spotSmile. I love the graphic punch brought in from the black and white. 

Do you remember the gorgeous bird that Charlotta created for Baby Ian’s nursery? Well, it needed company on that wall to balance out the look. However, I dared not place regular frames down so low because sticky and curious fingers would have them crashing down in no time.  Not to worry though, because washi –tape came to my rescue.  I purchased some from Michaels that are a part of the Recollection brand and they are still in place after a couple days of being on the wall. The prints are 11x14 from Walgreens. I love how they turned out and I could pick them up same day.

Zion’s art work is sprinkled on the walls in Baby Ian’s room. I just love it…
I can’t wait for Saturday to get here!! You know I’ll be giving you peeks on Instagram, right? Blessings and have a great weekend my friends! XX


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