kids bedroom designs
My neighbor’s beautiful daughter, Elouise thinks I did a fab job, right Elouise?

Learning how to use my sewing machine was on my to do list of things I wanted to learn this year.  I am thrilled to say

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kids bedroom designs
that just recently, after two lessons from my neighbor(Elouise’s Mom), I was able to correctly string my sewing machine and sew a burp cloth for little Elouise.

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They aren't perfectly straight lines, but very good for my first time, right?

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Later after the pins were removed, Elouise was happy to rest her chin on it as she relaxed in her Mommy’s arms. The not so perfectly straight lines didn’t seem to bother her at all. However, I will be working on making perfectly straight lines, especially since I can’t wait to sew some pillow covers! I am so excited about this new skill and I am really proud that I am able to check this off my list so early in the year. Are you working on achieving a goal that you set this year too? Do share. Happy Monday everyone. xx


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