How are you celebrating Mother's Day? I will undoubtedly be spending time with the boys and since the weather has been so splendid, it will probably be spent outdoors. Here is a wonderful and inexpensive way to have a light brunch and some outdoor fun with things you might already have in your home.

For this picnic brunch, I grabbed a few of their favorite books, toys, beverage, apples,  blankets, pillows, lanterns, and made our little tent like creation using curtains and a sheet. These are all items I already owned. The blankets were thrift store finds.

A crate came in handy to use as a place for our refreshments. 

they loved being a part of our picnic brunch!

yummy apple!

The lanterns were from Oriental Trading Co., but the Dollar Store is also a great place to check for lanterns that are affordable

The oil lamp has citronella oil in it for those pesky mosquitos in case they surfaced.

Later in the evening. The set up was so beautiful against the evening sky. Happy weekend everyone! xx


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