I’ve been lucky enough to savor exquisite cuisines from my dining experiences in Paris. However, those experiences pale in comparison to what I could have on one of  Paule Caillat’s( a Parisian cooking extraordinaire)  Promenades Gourmandes. According to the site, Promenades Gourmandes offer experiences where you:
 Enjoy an unforgettable day in the capital of gastronomy as you combine the pleasures of strolling the markets, choosing ingredients, composing a menu, preparing an authentic French meal, and savoring the delicious result with hand-picked wines.Cooking classes and macarons classes are taught in the specially designed kitchen of gourmet Paule Caillat, for a fun and friendly learning atmosphere in a Parisian home.
     Can you imagine such a life changing experience? I don’t feel it is a far fetched notion to harbor in my thoughts; one day, I’ll be side by side with the great Paule. However, until then, I am happy just to be able to feast my eyes on her Amazing kitchen and I mean Amazing!!  I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you, plus, you get to see one of her classes in progress-such a treat!

Paule at work (weighing butter for tart crust)

delicious looking cheese plate

arranging fig slices on the almond filling in the tart

cleaning up after a meal in such a kitchen cannot be labeled a chore..

A wine wall is such a great feature in a kitchen, is it not?; I’m loving the red too.

I hope you all had a splendid and fun weekend. I sure did.  I saw the movie, The King's Speech this weekend and i thoroughly enjoyed it; definitely a must see! So, wouldn't you just love to be in one of Paule’s Caillat’s cooking classes? Especially when they’re held in such a magnificent kitchenSmile. Have a great day my friends and welcome to Monday. XX


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