I have been enamored with Ligne Roset for ages.  Though there isn’t a store less than 5hours away from me, that hasn’t stopped be from studying their catalogs(which I receive in the mail) and highlighting the pieces I love for the day when I am ready to purchase.

That day may be very soon. You see, now that I’m building a new home, I have the urge to buy new furniture. Dearest husband is not a happy camperSmile. However, for now my focus is just on one room and even he agrees with my great insight.  Our new great room will devour my current sofa because it has much higher ceilings than the great room of  my previous home. Therefore, a new sofa that is bigger is in order. What better place to lurk than at Ligne Roset?

Gorgeous colour, isn’t it? Too small for what I’m looking for, but I could place it elsewhere…

We could all huddle on this at one of my partiesSmile

Seating that would be perfect for the media room, loving the luscious pop of colour . How about the storage unit-quite sleek , is it not?

     Yesterday, I received the Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely ladies of DesignChic. I am super ecstatic to be bestowed such an award from these ladies since their site is the epitome of style. I will accept the award properly in a future post, but wanted to thank them today! Thank you ladies!
     In addition, though very very late, A BIG THANK YOU to Jemina, Kelli G of Bug Miscellany, One Crafty Fox, and Girl About Oslo for passing on awards to me toward the end of last year. It was a very busy time for me then, so I wasn’t able to formally accept the awards. I will remedy that soonSmile.   I love these ladies!

Some more eye candy from Ligne Roset. This speaks to my colourful soul!

Although of late I prefer fabric to leather, I still love these-great for lounging…

I am not shopping for a bed, but I couldn’t resist posting this. I just love how that lusciously blue wall contrasts with the grey in the bed. The Ligne Roset catalog has much more for you to peruse and you can see more details about a piece(s)that you like. Things seem to be finally getting back to some normalcy today. Schools will be in session(although on a two hour delay) and I think it will be safe for this island girl to get behind the wheels and get outside and do something! Have a great Thursday my friends. XX


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