My Grandmother passed away last Thursday.

We called her Grandma Dot.

It has hit me much harder than I ever imagined it would. 

She was 92 and her health was failing, her mind was childlike and it was her time to go.

But I miss her. 

She was a beautiful woman. A remarkable woman.

She collected hundreds of children's books.

She had dozens of poems and songs memorized and even when the dementia set in, she still could quote.

She was brutally honest and rarely apologized but I always knew she loved deeply. 

She was a nurse in WWII and won a Medal of Honor her "for exceptionally meritorious achievement" in serving the frontline units of her division.

She took sugar packets from restaurants and saved them for later. 

She always took the top piece of bread off the top of her sandwich or hamburger.  
She said it was too much bread. :)

She went out to lunch everyday, and always tried to kiss the Priest at her favorite Italian restaurant. 

She was a flirt and always mentioned how amazing it was that she'd never gone gray...even though she had. :)

She always had a parakeet named Poopsie, and when the current "Poopsie" passed away, she got another- Poopsie. 

She gave us almost all of our furniture, including pieces that had been her family for years. 

She had the softest hand and she would secretly squeeze "I love you" when you were sitting by her. 

I miss her, but I know I'll see her again.

Everyone should have a Grandma Dot. 


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