I have been taking photographs with my Andriod phone of late because my camera broke. Truthfully, I wasn’t too saddened by it because I was giving serious consideration to upgrading to a better camera. I have a couple projects that I completed and wanted to share with you all, BUT, I really didn’t want to use my phone to take those pictures.  The first one is the powder room make over and that deserves to be photographed with a wonderful camera.

This is how I feel about the way my pics should look before they show themselves here on the blogSmile.  In addition, great photographs make for a better blogging experience.

Now, it seems as if the powers that be whispered my innermost thoughts into the hubby’s ears because yesterday he called me and asked what I wanted for our anniversary(coming up soon). He said he thought I might like a new camera… Ok, everyone, he didn’t even know that the other camera was broken so him suggesting a new camera is nothing short of divine intervention ( you may think I’m being a bit melodramatic). However, when he stated the camera that he was looking at, I knew for sure that it was divine intervention; the Nikon D3200.  That’s exactly the camera that I was obsessing over and researching online. Does anyone own this camera? If so, is it a great buy? I’m also open to hearing about other Nikons. I had a Canon and wanted to experience a Nikon camera and I’m really loving what the google reviews show about the Nikon D3200. XX

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