Bath tubs; I don’t use mine enough yet I turn ashen at the thought of not having one in my house. Even if I didn’t have

I would still NEED a bathtub.  Most of us lead busy lives and

a long soak in our bathtubs at the end of the day is the ultimate way to de-stress and unwind

We all have our own criteria for what our bath tubs should be like; whirlpool, deep, claw foot, you name it…

However, we all seek to experience the same thing from our bath tubs; a place to get away from it all and embrace the suds and scents and everything else that make for a luxurious and relaxing soak. So, how about you, is having a bath tub a must have for you? Frankly, most times I will opt for a shower over a soak because I am so busy, BUT, I intend to change that soon. Slow it down and bond with my bathtubSmile.  Happy Hump Day everyone! XX

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