Good morning everyone! How are you? I’ve missed talking to you all! You may have heard on the news about the unusually cold weather that we’ve been having in the Carolinas. I can’t even believe that it has been colder here than it is in Ct! When I was there for Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t stop whining about the cold and it seems as if I brought it back here with meSmile.

Therefore, of late it has been all about layering. I layer everything, even my eating utensils-no kidding!  Don’t you just want to crawl under the covers of this bed? Love this room!

Now, she has mastered the art of layering, don’t you think? Being an island girl, I could use a lesson or two from her(although I’d  colour coordinate differently and my choice of outfit would differ) . However, one thing is for sure, she is warmSmile. Christmas is just around the corner and while I am complaining about the cold, I am hoping that it will be a white Christmas. The cold will be worth it then. Have a joyful and warm Monday my friends. XX

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