I have been wishing that this is the type of space that I would wake up to at this time of year or something very close to it.

CT trip and more 205
CT trip and more 210
However, unfortunately, this is my reality; boxes everywhere and chaos! We received an offer on our house just before our Connecticut trip. Since we returned home from the trip, we’ve been rounding up boxes from wherever we can find them for free(boxes are actually expensive!). We’ve been packing like crazy since we have a tentative closing date of January 6th. If I have been MIA on your blog, this is why! Also, did I mention that I’m also busy choosing items for the other house as well(the one being built) too.  I will show you the progress of that one soon. Now, we have to find an apartment to live for two to three months until the other house gets completed.

Instead of decorating my home for Christmas, I am stripping it of its contents. I fear there will be no Christmas tree for me this year-maybe a small table top one. Thankfully, we have tons of Christmas music on the iPod and the hubby’s computer to at least fill the air with some Christmas cheer!

How is your Christmas decorating coming along? I’m sure it’s not as dismal looking as mineSmile. Happy Tuesday everyone! XX



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