Isn’t Julianne gorgeous? She ages so gracefully too. I just adore her! Moore is the new face for  Talbots’ spring 2011 campaign. I think we’ve all been doing somewhat of a “Spring Dance” (you know like the Rain Dance) with our posts on our blogs(with the hopes that the weather will change for the better and remain that way soon). Well, this Talbots spring campaign is my ode to the “Spring Dance” this week.
OK, so why am I taking a blog break?. Well, I wish it were to smell the roses like Julianne is doing above, but instead, I’ll be working my butt off trying to unpack and get settled into our new home. We start moving in today actually.  Anyway, do not despair, you’re in for a real treat while I’m away. In my absence, I have some of my lovely tumblr friends who will be guest posting here. In fact, I’ve titled this week, Tumblr Week!

Please enjoy the remaining wonderful photos from this campaign…

I’ve always been smitten with her red hair too-such a beauty! Talbots is certainly stepping up their game, aren’t they? Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. See you soon and I know my tumblr friends will be in great hands! XX



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