Hello friends, don’t you just love it when you know what your design theme is going to be? It makes it that much easier right! Will I had the pleasure of decorating a bedroom for a teen boy who loves all things sports especially basketball.  The teen boy mom approached me with a proposition, sound so serious ha. No really she said she wanted to do something very special for her teen son and that she thought surprising him with a room redo would be something special for him. So friends who wouldn’t want to be part of something special? If you know me be no you would know I couldn’t turn that down. (A loving mom giving her teen son something special).  Now here is where it gets a bit hard. The mom says she would like to surprise her son and that she didn’t want him to know what we were going to do to the room. My first thought was how we are going to pull this off without knowing exactly what he likes and how he wants his room to look. But fortunately mom knows her son. What mom did know is that her son loves all things sports, music but he absolutely loves basketball so that’s where the basketball theme came into play. My thought was if he absolutely loves basketball we can’t go wrong but to honor all things sports and music we’ll sprinkle a little of the other sports in the room through accessories but I wanted to honor music in a way so I dedicated a section in the room to it. Well without further ado check out this room all decked out in a basketball theme.
Obstacles along the way
Must be a surprise
Small Budget
All things Sports
He loves basketball
He also loves music
Thought the bed was a full size it was a queen the bedding was to small
A real basketball rim over the bed- How to make sure it’s up there strong
Mom didn’t like the dark gray color
My husband thought it was his project- Yes I listen a lot to him on how to design this room so I can’t take all the credit “wink” I’m sure he would love to know I gave him the credit for it. Thanks honey!!
What Michael Jordan Image should I use
Do he like Michael Jordan

You can see his bed is on a angle and next to the window.
Bed is now in the center of the room. What you think about this dark gray color?
Check out the Michael Jordan image. I chose this because I wanted it to look as though he was dunking the ball into the basketball rim. See that basketball rim its the real deal. Yup a real hoop that Hank can throw socks and a real basketball into.
I love this bedding although the bed was a queen and the bedding was a full it looks pretty good.

You can see in this photo that its a real rim. Cool!

You see the art on the wall of baseball! Well I found out later Hank didn't like baseball so he took that art down but I really choose that art because it looked so good with the scheme of things oh well cant be right abut everything.
Sorry for  all the  blurriness of the photo but I wanted you to see that the headboard had lights behind it cool right!
Near the window

Workspace area

Workspace area was dedicated to his love of music

He Loves Basketball

Thanks friends for sticking around for the before and after of Hanks basketball theme bedroom. I have to tell you it was a very good choice to do it in the basketball theme although we had no real clue if Hank was going to like this room or not. Hank loved it when he walked in and seen the room for the first time so job well done and when I say that I'm mostly talking to my husband. Thanks for giving me a guys perspective on how a young teen boy would like his room to be.

What do you think?
Please let me know in your comments below!


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