Whenever I drive by a Goodwill I feel this intense pressure to run inside and see if there is anything awesome waiting to be rescued. 

If I succumb to the pressure and decide to make a quick pit stop, and when I'm unloading Rhett from his car seat, I keep my eyes on anyone else who might be heading into Goodwill too. 

And if I see anyone else walking toward the store I start walking a little faster (OK power walking) so that I get to any good stuff first. 

Is that mean? Or just a thrifitng survival technique...?

(Either way sharing this makes me sound like some kind of Goodwill vulture.)

Anyway, I'm so glad I pulled over the other day because I brought these home with ME.


I'm totally keeping these. 

Structurally they are in great shape, but there is a lot of refinishing and restoring that needs to be done.

I'm planning on restoring them as close to their original state as possible. 

When I think of our future home, I picture pieces like this being scattered throughout.

Handsome antiques with character and the ability to flow with some industrial, vintage, and classic influences.

On the back of one of the tables is this stamp. 

Obviously part of it is missing, and I've been scouring Google looking for any information about the store or company that sold these, but I'm not finding much. 

Does anyone recognize this name or mark?

When I found them, this was the price on the sticker.  

I stood there debating for forever whether I could justify the cost of buying both. 

Not that they weren't worth $50 apiece, I just couldn't rationalize spending $100 on furniture that wasn't going to be turned for a profit.  

I figured it couldn't hurt to ask for a lower price so I wheeled them up front praying the cashier would understand how much I LOVED these tables.

To make a long story short, I was blessed with an amazing cashier and manager who sold them for $30 apiece. 

That I could do. :)

I'm not planning on touching them till I know a little bit more about their history.

(I don't want another barstool fiasco.) 

But I'll let you know what I find out and when I start on their restoration!


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