Hello friends it’s been a while since I reported a snitch but today I wanted to give you an update on a home I recently snitch about here. Well friends it’s a great day for our newest Buffalo Bills Mario J Williams but unfortunately not for my husband who had an offer on this very same house with one of his clients; you see rumor has it if Mr. Mario didn’t get this house he would have passed on playing for the Buffalo Bills hmm but in all reality who wouldn’t want this amazing home. This house has it all and boy did he get a good one. "I mean to say I'm not a little bitter is putting it mildly" but I must say he put in the highest bid and he won the house. Here's the deal. According to the Buffalo News The owner of this home Kenneth Bernas, a former personal injury attorney, put the home up for sale after he was convicted of cheating 53 clients out of $3.1 million. According to prosecutors, he took out "pre-settlement" loans in his clients' names while their cases were pending, and then had the loan agencies send him the money and did I make mention he also forged his clients' names on settlement checks which sent this house into a short-sale status where the bank was willing to take less for the home. My husband client put a cash offer in on the house and for a minute there it look as though his client was going to win the house but to his misfortune Mario J Williams signed a huge contract with the Buffalo Bills the defensive end signed with the Buffalo Bills for a whopping $100 million and he paid $2 million to buy this amazing home in Aurora New York. 

OK friends I'm putting all my bitterness aside to say "I’m thrilled to have Mario J Williams play with our Buffalo Bills" and even my husband client is happy for him but we can’t say it doesn’t sting just a little, hmmm what good agent doesn’t want to win? But as for my husband, it was a pleasure to have had an offer on a home that one of our very own Buffalo Bills thought was great as well. I would like to say kudos to Mr. Mario Williams and congratulations on your new home and welcome to the Buffalo Bills. Check out why Maria Williams had to have this house.

 So friends what do you think?
 Is this home worth the 2 million dollars Mario J Willams paid for it?
 Do you think I have the right to be a little bitter?
 Let me know in your comment below!
 Here is my first post I wrote on this house on March 28th 2012 here. I have removed the address for Mr Mario privacy but please feel free to read the previous post if you do choose.


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