Oh boy...this high boy.

I snagged it from an auction MONTHS ago and stuck it in my booth in almost as is condition.

I loved the lines but didn't know what to do with it.

I was thinking something like this, a really bold, sleek look. 

But the piece had so many natural worm holes and divits and I was honestly to lazy to try and fill all of them. 

And one day I was a little emotional and a little frustrated, so I took all that and used it on the distressing. 

Here's how it turned out.  

I'm really happy with out it turned out.

So much distressing isn't my normal style but I love how the piece has kind of a romantic industrial look.

And the sweet little hanging rack above the dresser was made from a leftover detail piece from a large mirror. 

Like the dresser, I painted it also in Old Ochre, lightly distressed it and added knobs to the existing screw holes where it would have attached to the mirrors.

I used my Dremel to cut the screws on the hardware down to size. 

It took like 5 minutes, just make sure you wear protective eye wear. :) 

The dresser is available in The SHOP at the top of the page. 

Click HERE for more info. 


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