I just received the DWR catalog in the mail and although i’m super busy today, i’m so excited to share it that i had to pause for a few minutes to post some of what i’m browsing. Are you a fan of DWR? I’ve made two purchases to date from there and it would be more than two if their prices weren’t so exorbitant!  I still love them though and i get a mad rush of adrenaline whenever i receive their catalogs.

DWR1I also love how they showcase their settings; just like they were in a house. Don’t you just love that equestrian inspired art piece?

DWR  They’re also having a seating and dining sale that is worth checking out. I love the different colours of these chairs too!

DWR16 That Nelson bubble hanging lamp was my first purchase from DWR.That blue colour is rocking too!

A room filled with classics. Oh my!

DWR4 I love the Nelson clocks(there’s one over my fireplace but i didn’t purchase it from DWR). Also check out that Geneva sound system to the left which also has an iPod or iPhone dock!

DWR6I agree with Mr. Corbusier’s quote! Gotta love Cassina too!

That Antler hanging pendant featured in the two pics above will set you back a cool$5900.

DWR3   DWR10 Their bedroom furniture definitely appeal to my taste…

DWR5Great stylish furniture pieces for small spaces. 

That flight recliner(shown in green) is a favorite of mine. It also comes in dark orange! How about those pillows too? I love them!

Another favourite of mine; the PH Snowball pendant light. I’ll take that sheepskin throw too!

DWR13Framed pics and more seating lighting goodness. I need to stop now as i might end up showing you the entire catalog!

DWR14Who wouldn’t love these Knoll chairs? There will be a Knoll sale starting September 24th!

DWR17This is it! Gotta go now! However, do you see why i had to share this goodness? XX  

{images via DWR}


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