I thought it fitting to give an update on my deck project since it’s labor day weekend. While many people tend to go to the beach etc for this long weekend, a great percentage of people(like myself) also take the long weekend to tackle a home project. Although,  i started this project long before labor day weekend, it has been a slow process because i am doing this all by myself and also working around a very active 16 month old:-). I am proud to say that the deck is almost done with just some finishing touches left to add.

Ok, let’s revisit what i did:

Here and there 008This is a picture of my deck showing i weathered and in need of some TLC.  I decided to refinish it because i also wanted baby Zion to be able to safely walk barefooted out there.

Here and there 007  The first step involved thoroughly cleaning the deck of debris and buildup. To accomplish this, i rented this pressure washer from Home Depot and tackled that task. I even pressure washed my drive way since i had rented it for the day:-)
Misc 012 The next step involved sanding the deck. I rented an orbital sander from Home Depot and boy, this baby was heavy.  However, i love challenges and although i was worried about how i was going to remove it from my truck by myself,  i was able to figure it out! I was so proud of myself. If you look closely, you can see a difference in the area that i had started to sand too.
The third step(staining the deck)  took place weeks later because of the weather. It was raining constantly and i needed a sunny forecast for at least two consecutive days before i could stain.
I was going back and forth about whether i should go with a transparent or opaque deck finish. Ultimatelyi i chose an opaque finish because that option covers imperfections best and the deck was full of those. I usually use Benjamin Moore paint, but since i was at Home Depot so often, i bought the deck paint there. I purchased the Behr weatherproofing wood stain(solid colour) in their premium line.

Here are some pictures of what the deck looks like now:

random 001
random 002    The chairs and table are from Pier1. Originally, i wanted these tables and chairs from CB2, but then i went to Pier 1 and saw the ones above and decided to get those instead. As a result, i wouldn’t have to pay the hefty shipping and handling cost that CB2 was charging. I also got the Pier 1 purchases at a discounted price.

random 007random 011    The rectangular umbrella is from Pottery Barn.

random 013
I finally bought Eat, Pray Love this weekend at Barnes and Noble and it goes everywhere with me(indoors and outdoors). I hope everyone is having a great day. “See” you all here tomorrow! XX


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