Do any of you live in California? I have shamefully never visited there but it seems as if the houses that i tend to lust over are nestled right there. This residence, referred to as the Atherton Residence is no exception.  It is designed by architects, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop and i first spotted their work on Remodelista. The residence is located south of San Francisco and was built to feel like a private retreat and also to capitalize on its lush surroundings.

The home also features large sliding doors that open out to the pond and the terrace. I envision many a nights spent out of this terrace just listening to/soaking up nature. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Did i mention that this home isn’t only beautiful, but it is also a “green” or environmentally friendly home. According to the architects:
The roofs conceal photovoltaic and solar hot water panels. The house is heated with a radiant system in the stone floors, and despite the hot climate it is not air conditioned, but passively cooled with a combination of overhangs, shades, and operable windows. The house also features many green building materials, including high fly-ash concrete, formaldehyde-free casework and denim insulation.

Let’s pause here for a sec….This is just breathtaking.

This bedroom has the perfect sleep formula:-)

Well, we’re at Wednesday my friends-yay!:-). Also, the lot is cleared and i recently chose the type of foundation that i want for the home. I guess one could say that the building process is almost underway! Here’s to a great Wednesday for everyone. XX


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