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This post is in support of a post that i read on my girl, La Boheme’s blog. She is making this month filled with splashes of pink posts in support of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am thrilled to be doing this post today!

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Accessories: glamorous opulent; bedroom; copper/brown floral fabric / wallpaper; embossed cushion, pink/red velvet quilt; sleigh bed; carpet, sidetable, table lamp.   Pub orig    L etc 10/2005 p52 Living room Pink living room fireplace Andy Warhol Queen Elizabeth II print artwork poster vintage antique leaf table real home L etc 01/2008 Pub Orig glamReflections11habit  via
pink17 I also thought it fitting to accept an award called the Blog with substance award from my good friend, Jude of Food and Life. I live vicariously through Jude’s enlightening and brilliant posts. If you haven’t already, head on over and tell her that i sent ya!:-) I hope that you’ll be inspired to sprinkle your blog with a splash of pink this month in acknowledgement of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Shout out to La Boheme again! Happy Tuesday to you all. It sure does feel like Tuesday came quickly(at least to me). XX

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