I’m loving this house aptly called the Courtyard House that is located in the South of France. It’s easy on the eyes and laid back in its décor. This outdoor spot is so perfect spot for lounging…

I’m loving the double glass doors and how seamlessly the outside and inside blend. Such a great way to extend the living area.

I adore that blown up piece of the Eiffel tower!

I love how the browns of the furniture wood pieces pop against the white décor and concrete floors.

What’s not to love about this kitchen? The chalkboard wall is one my favourites feature to have in a kitchen and that cutie pie obviously loves it tooSmile.

The bedrooms seem to exude the personality of its occupants. They are beautiful!

A play room that any child would appreciate. I can hear the laughter and giggles that must exist hereSmile.

Awww, how cute is this?

Thank you all for entertaining baby Z yesterdaySmile.  Happy Thursday to everyone! XX

{all images via here}


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