Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I had a lovely one with baby Z, and spent most of the time with him enjoying the lovely weather that we had this weekend. My initial plan for today’s post was to write about Lonny’s October/November issue(this month  is one of my favourite issues btw). However, i know that you’re probably going to be inundated with details about this from other interior blogs, therefore, i bring you a feature from Poteet Architects instead. I initially saw a feature about their work here first. I subsequently bolted to their site to check out the rest of their portfolio and it was definitely worth the bolt and the trip:-).

Today’s feature is a loft that is referred to as the Capps loft. I love how the architectural details are bathed in white which allows the art, classics like the bench above, etc., to pop.

You definitely cannot be afraid of heights when you live in a loft:-). I love the view from here.

That’s one hot stair well! Don’t you just love the colour too?  So unexpected.

I’ll be making the rounds to read all of your lovely content in a bit. I’m on mommy duty right now:-). Welcome to Monday my friends. XX

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