I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I write this post. My hubby is finally home; safe and sound. When I started this blog, a friend asked, “so what are you going to blog about, the war?” I thought to myself, now why would I want to do that? Then again, I get why she would ask such a question, since I’m literally married to the war. It has consumed almost every aspect of my life. Although, I already knew I wanted to blog about my passion(design), I couldn’t even fathom allowing the war to take away that mental creative space that I successfully managed to keep free of its grips. In fact, it is that space that keeps my mind from wandering too often to unhappy and grim thoughts. I also keep it very busy(as is evident from my blog).
 It has been almost a year later, and baby Z will finally get to hug his Daddy and bite him instead of meSmile. I am looking forward to so many things, but I’ll be very content to just be able to  touch his face. Touching his face is something I enjoy.  It is actually an act I’ve come to treasure because he almost lost an eye on one of  his prior deployments when the vehicle he was in hit an IED. Shrapnel from the wreckage injured one of his eyes and that was a harrowing nightmare that I will never forget. His eye is healed now, but the purple heart that is framed in our home serves as a constant reminder…
 This is a celebratory post, so I will not dwell on unpleasant memories. Thank you all for your support of my humble blog and your comments on my mad rantings about interior spaces. Also, to the lovely ladies who sent me personal emails to check up on baby Z and me or to find out how the hubby was doing-I truly felt loved and your gestures meant so much.  I just wanted to also add  that you should love like there’s no tomorrow. Life is so fleeting-trust me I know.  I don’t know if I’ll be posting much this week or rearing my little island girl head on your lovely blogs much or at all for the rest of this week. I’ll be busy touching my hubby’s face and giving it lots of kissesWinking smile  XX

{image via my friend, Cabbage Rose}


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