things1st I believe the use of or the incorporation of "things" is a great way to accomplish this idea. I chose to use the general term things because that it is not just limited to accessories. The things you use to reflect your personality in your home is basically anything that has some kind of meaning to you. It could be a piece of stick, it doesn’t matter.

I enjoy all types of decor. I know i posted a pristine space on Monday, and that’s just how i am. My passion for design knows no boundaries, and while i loved the architectural elements of Monday’s post, my personal space would still differ in so many ways. You see, i love “things.” Look at this room, for example; pieces adorn the wall and the coffee tables. The colourful chairs are so charming too. I love surrounding myself with things that i love or that tell a story, and most importantly reflect who i am.

things3 This is such a welcoming and cozy spot!  The framed family photos add warmth to the space and defines that area of the room beautifully.

I’m loving the little vignettes scattered in this room from Roman and Williams.

things1This person’s thing is obviously art

An outdoor space filled with everything that i would need to spend all day here!

I couldn’t resist this one! The diva who owns this space has her “thing” stamped all over the room and on the walls:-). What’s your thing? Do you surround yourself with what you love and throw caution to the wind about clutter? Personally, i try to avoid the clutter, so there is a system to how i display “my things.” In addition, i’ve had to remove some of my lovely things all in the name of baby proofing:-). I took the day off yesterday because i wanted to spend every waking moment with my little man who is growing way too fast!. Also, i so appreciate all of you and your sweet comments! Happy Wednesday ya'll:-).  XX

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