I’ve been admiring yellow lately and its many variations. In fact, I recently put up some yellow curtains that I had custom made for my kitchen(yes, even though I’m moving and there’s a for sale sign outside) I am in love with them. I was inspired from a yellow handbag that I have. I had it on the kitchen table one day and thought, I really love how the yellow pops against the colour green that is in my kitchen. So, I took the handbag with me to the fabric store, matched it and placed the order for my curtains.  This was all before I decided to sell the house and build a new one( I will show pics of the curtains and of the progress of the  new house in another post). In any case, I made sure the measurements of the curtains would fit the windows of the new house.  Anyway, a little pop of yellow can do wonders to  enliven a space and add a wow factor; just like the sofa in the space above.

This yellow door is perfect for the façade of the house. I love yellow paired with black and white. It has a bit of dramatic air.

Oooh, la, la, see what I mean! Dramatic (for sure), stunning and might I add sexy!

Splashes of yellow in the accessories is perfection for this neutral room.

A yellow wall as headboard equals a very cool bedroom!

Some neon yellow chairs in this loft space create a funky mix!

After Monday’s lethargy, I’m definitely feeling refreshed today and hope you all are too! Happy Wednesday! XX
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