Do you remember when my local paper featured me and how I style my home for the holidays last Christmas? Well, guess what? Now I am not only styling for them, but also, writing too!
a scene from a backyard movie photo shoot that I styled and set up in our back yard
I am thrilled because this will make my resume look fab!Smile. Well, I also get to do this from home and little Ian can come with me to work meetings. Love it!
A little bohemian set up I styled for the same photo shoot for the back yard movie night. Cocktails a la bohemian before a movie is always a great idea!
SO where does all this Writing taking place?
Just about anywhere where I can perch my laptop. I have been thinking that I really ought to create a designated creative spot aka an office. I really do not need or want a big space, just someplace pretty, organized, and inspirational. Here are some spaces that I love for my Creative Spaces Board on pinterest:

What does your creative space look like? Blessings and Happy Tuesday everyone! xx
{images: newspaper pics}


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