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We don’t usually celebrate Halloween. I however always have candy out for the children who trick or treat, but we never do all that spooky stuff with decorations, etc. Well, this year will be different. You see Zion has added the word spooky to his repertoire(thanks to school) and being the teacher Mom that I am, I feel compelled to reinforce the word spooky at home. I had the pumpkins and went on the hunt for things around the house that I could use for this operation “spookify” some pumpkins!  That poor teething toy was the first thing I saw and well, let’s just say that it lost its eyes and mouth.

Photo Oct 25, 5 56 04 PM
I created more spooky pumpkins using the materials above that I found in different areas of our home.

DIY Pumpkins
And there they are! I cut pieces from a styrofoam cup to create the eyes and mouth for the 2nd pumpkin. A velcro piece was used for the nose. I used sharpie for the third pumpkin. For the first pumpkin, I borrowed the eyes from an art work of Zion’s. The hair, nose and mouth were made from black construction paper. Of course, you already know that I mutilated a teething toy for the fourth one. Bad mama!Smile. I’d say that the goal of reinforcing the word spooky at home has been met, right?

Happy weekend
I am not sure what’s going on here. The dots ended up on the trains instead of the pumpkins, but they are having fun… Happy weekend everyone! xx


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