Photo Oct 17, 6 49 21 PM
if you look closely you’ll see that he was crying because mom snapping a gazillion pics wasn’t his idea of fun. he busted out smiling when I started to sing one of his favourite songs; my inability to carry a tune and his love for that song were the winning combination to warrant a big smileSmile.
Photo Oct 17, 6 57 07 PM
He turned two on Thursday and I almost cried! Where did the time go?

Life with Ian

Photo Oct 19, 8 41 11 AM
Photo Oct 19, 8 50 05 AM
Photo Oct 19, 8 47 07 AM
Photo Oct 06, 1 20 35 PM
Photo Oct 15, 8 31 24 PM
There’s never a dull moment. He is a very happy fellow whose laughter and smiles fill my heart with joy! More than anything else, he has enriched our lives and has been the best baby brother to Zion. They are the best playmates! How are you all doing? Whose going to High Point Market? I won’t be able to make it this Fall and I will be blogging about the showrooms that are on my radar so stay tuned! Happy Saturday friends! xx


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