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Hello everyone! A warm welcome to anyone who is reading for the first time.  I can’t believe we’re already in week 3 of this challenge! Last week I told you that wallpaper would be going up.

Photo Oct 15, 9 28 52 PM
My wallpaper magician. His applications are seamless and he came on Saturday to work his magic.

Photo Oct 15, 10 28 27 PM
The room is a mess because I am in the process of painting

What the frank is this? We didn’t agree on this wallpaper! I know, I know. While I am still head over heels with the wallpaper in last week’s post, I decided I wanted to do something a little different. If you know me, you know that I am. not. afraid. of. bold. However, for the Master Bedroom, I want a little flirty, romantic, girly, light, and airy feel. While I am not a fan of overly floral things, this wallpaper does not overwhelm with its floral beauty. Also, the picture doesn’t show the beauty of the wallpaper. The final pics will be much better. The wallpaper is textured with iridescent white butterflies as the backdrop. Then there are more butterflies and cute florals in the forefront. It’s a vintage paper that I scored at a local wallpaper store.

Photo Oct 15, 9 03 32 PM
The room was painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter before. I decided to repaint in Benjamin Moore White Dove. I most always opt for eggshell finish instead of flat because I have to be able to wipe the walls (being a mama of two little boys). The White Dove is perfect because it has warmth and I’ve noticed that depending on the lighting, it  can also read as a subtle grey.

Photo Oct 15, 11 19 58 PM
Although I am not finished painting, the difference in the brightness of the room is evident.

Photo Oct 11, 3 43 37 PM
I posted this Anthropologie bedding as my inspiration for bedding on Instagram last week. It will be all about the bed in this transformation. I had already bought the wallpaper and this duvet has all the colours in the wallpaper. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Photo Oct 15, 4 54 23 PM
Well I ordered the duvet on Saturday and  yesterday evening it was on my doorstep. I definitely ripped that box apart gleefully!

Photo Oct 15, 9 16 41 PM
I raced to the room and just threw it on to see how it looks and my goodness, I couldn’t love it more! Already, the bed is the focal point and I haven’t even layered yet.

Photo Oct 15, 9 15 01 PM (1) (deleted 9f405d1f450bb06a3a70b3d33ae6a3de)
Each side has a different design and the vivid and pretty colours complement the wallpaper beautifully. It’s also very soft to the touch. Now, it’s  folded neatly and tucked away while I finish painting the room. 

Photo Oct 15, 1 38 46 PM
I posted this on Instagram yesterday to get feedback on whether I should get if for seating. It’s at a local thrift store and I envision it in some fab fabric. However, I still have that seating piece that I showed in the first post. We’ll see what happens… So far, the vote is to buy this piece. What say you?  You can click here to see week one’s post.

Feng Shui Elements, etc.

I will be posting about the feng shui elements in next week’s post. I am contemplating painting the side tables. I will be deciding on the knick knacks to be placed in the room. Also, I am shopping my house for the art, but also have unframed pieces that might also work. Therefore a trip to the framers may be in order. I need to find some fab table lamps. I am also on the hunt for a rug that will anchor the bed. Still so much to do!  What a lengthy post! Let’s see what the others are up, shall we? Blessings and Happy Wednesday! xx


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