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Late post. Blame it on the little one who just turned two and thinks naps are obsolete…
One room Challenge
Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the room to share today. After finally completing the painting, I turned my attention to looking/shopping/thrifting for “stuff” to use for styling. I recently bought that phone(above) from a thrift store because

Photo Oct 30, 10 35 45 AM
I’ve always wanted to style with an orange phone. I spray painted it orange, but almost regretted it. It took forever to spray the cord and I still have touch ups to do. We’ll see how it fares in the bedroom…

Photo Oct 30, 10 40 52 AM
I thrifted this bird and brass container. I paid less than $3 for both, and I intend to use them in some way in the room. I wished there was a pair of the birds as pairs are great feng shui…However,

Photo Oct 23, 2 25 47 PM
i  do have these pair of beautiful birds! I have been searching for frames for them and haven’t been successful in finding frames that I love, so I will have to cough up the dollars to get them professionally framed…

Photo Oct 30, 10 42 31 AM
another thrift find. I fell in love with the heart detail and gold details; perfect for the romantic and feng shui flair that I’m going for. I intend to spray it white and incorporate it in styling too.

Photo Oct 30, 10 44 13 AM
thrifted too. loving the texture and the gold rim detail and it’s already white, so no diy necessary.

Photo Oct 30, 10 39 25 AM
More thrifted loot. I couldn’t resist these at all! I may not actually use it all in the bedroom, but they’re going somewhere in the house!

Photo Oct 23, 3 36 56 PM
I bought this rug at my local Tuesday Mornings last week. Great texture and colour! Great price too. I foresee lots of sleepless nights since I’ll be working my butt off to get the room styled and ready for shooting. It’s a challenge when you have to do all that other Mommy stuff too. Nonetheless, I am excited to see how it all comes together. Blessings and happy Wednesday everyone! xx

Well,  maybe my fellow participants have much more for you to see, so let’s go and check them out! 


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